Avon’s Awesome July Deals & Steals

Just wanted to take a quick moment to share what Avon has to offer for Deals & Steals for the month of July.




There are also some additional offers for the next couple days….

Today July 7, 2016– Code FREESHIP, on orders $25 or more

Free Shipping


July 8th, 2016 30% Savings– NO CODE NEEDED

Avon deal

July 9th 2016– Free Gift on order $75 or more, code ACCENT


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Pineapple Chill by Avon’s Foot Works

Avon is introducing a NEW twist on their line of Foot Works products by adding 3 exciting new products. Refresh your feet with this cooling pineapple treat…. and a twist of lime.

download (3)

EXFOLIATING SCRUB- Wipes away dry and rough skin, resulting in smooth and conditioned feeling feet. Introductory Price $2.99 Regular Price will be $6.00

*Advance order for $1.79 each, order # 107-166

COOLING LOTION- Soothing moisturizing lotion giving your feet that soft, smooth & cool feeling. Introductory Price $ 2.99 Regular Price will be $6.00

*Advance order for $1.79 each, order # 730-947

COOLING SPRAY- A refreshing spray that provides a cooling sensation, leaving your feet feeling fresh, comfortable and rejuvenated. Introductory Price $ 3.99 Regular Price will be $7.00

*Advance order for $2.39 each, order # 733-654

download (2)

Advance Order—-An Avon Foot Works Pineapple Chill 8-Piece Set Includes…..

4~ Exfoliating Scrubs

2~Cooling Lotions

2~Cooling Sprays

You can get ALL 8 pieces for $11.98, if you advance order it. This is a $50.00 value, saving you over $45.00 just for advance ordering it.

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Order number 962-508, take advantage of this 8-piece advance order pack (it’s unlimited).

There are great benefits in advance ordering, mainly the AWESOME savings.


You can advance order through Campaign 16, when the Introductory Price kicks in. Once Campaign 16 is here there will be a 4-piece set available, which will include 2~ Exfoliating Scrubs, and both a Cooling Lotion and a Cooling Spray. Priced at $9.99, which is a $25.00 value.

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Top 5- What’s Hot Campaign 14

As Campaign 13 has come to an end I thought it was a perfect time to introduce What’s Hot in Campaign 14.

1~ Who could use a little LUCK, everybody could. Avon is introducing the new fragrance LUCK LA VIE, which is a floral/fruity fragrance– which is Avon’s top-selling fragrance category for women.


2~ The Chandelier Earrings are a great summer look, whether dressy or casual. Offered in variety of colors and priced low enough that you can get all 4 colors for less than $20 with any other order of $10 or more.


3~ Avon’s Signature Line of clothes & accessories offer many options for all your summer events. These Avon dresses each come in sizes up to 3x, without charging extra for the full size ladies, which is very unusual.

4~ True Color Lip Balm, providing instant moisture with a tint of color. Great for the great introductory price of $2.99


5~ Avon Senses latest scent. Starfruit & Coconut, offering the great benefits of Vitamins C & E. Get all 4 for the great low price of $9.99, which essentially is less than $2.50 a piece. No big box store pricing there.


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A Complete Guide to Avon’s ANEW CLEAN

Avon is introducing a full range of cleaners with something for everyone. Perfect for a one-stop shop for ALL you Skin Care needs.  All products are Dermatologist tested, and enhances your ANEW regimen that works for you. Check out the online Avon Skin Advisor at avon.com .


Cleansing Brush~ Works great for all skin types–including sensitive skin. Cleanses 5 x better than hands alone. Enhances the foam, cream and gel cleansers. Use both in the AM & PM, wet brush, apply cleaner onto hands and lather onto face. Gently use the brush over face in a circular motion for a few minutes. Rinse face and clean brush after each use.

Illuminating Rich Cleansing Foam~ Works with Normal/Combination skin types–Shiny in T zone, dry everywhere else. Balances skin by eliminating oils without removing the needed moisture. Use both AM & PM, lather over face, massage and rinse. *Can be used with the brush.

Comforting Cream Cleanser & Mask~ Works on Normal/Dry skin types that is  dull and rough with barely visible pores. Makes dry skin feel nourished and overall texture appear smoother. Use both AM & PM, massage over dry face., wipe off or rinse with water. * Can be used with brush.

Purifying Gel Cleaner~ Works best with Oily/Combination skin types with shiny and greasy enlarged pores. It eliminated excess oil from skin. Use both AM & PM by massaging over wet face, and than rinse with water. * Can be used with brush.

Refining Daily Scrub~ Works great for ALL skin types, providing a gentle exfoliation and refines the look and feel of skin texture. Use both AM & PM, massage over wet face, avoiding lips and than rinse thoroughly.

Micellar Cleansing Water~ Works great for ALL skin types, cleanses while attracting and maintaining moisture, resulting in softer skin. Use AM & PM by saturating a cotton pad and smooth over face and neck. NO need to rinse off. ** A hot product alert**

Facial Cleansing Wipes~ Works great on ALL skin types, easy one step makeup removal. A convenient on-the-go solution. Use AM & PM by gently wiping face.

Revitalizing Toner~ Works great on ALL skin types. It clarifies and refines, improving the look of pores. Leaving your skin feeling conditioned. Use AM & PM by moistening a cotton pad with toner and smooth over face and neck.


Check out this great introductory saving available on https://wkerkela.avonrepresentative.com  ANEW Clean works any ANEW skin care collection.

1-Cleanse- Use your ANEW CLEAN cleanser and follow-up with your Revitalizing Toner.

2-Treat- Use ANEW Clinical products to address specific concerns.


AM–Use your ANEW Day Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 25

PM– Use your ANEW Night Moisturizer

4- AM& PM, use your ANEW eye product.

Did you know that our cleansers are both powerful yet gentle– they don’t contain soap or alcohol that can dry out skin. *Except the Rich Foaming Cleanser


Why shouldn’t I wash my face with bar soap?

— Bar soaps can have a drying effect and can strip away the natural oils that your skin needs. Unlike most bar soaps, our gentle cleansers are formulated to deal with specific skin types and needs.

How do I determine my skin type?

–Large pores all over the face, if you notice your skin getting shiny throughout the day or if a oil visibly appears on a tissue when blotting that equals a Oily/ Combination skin type.

–Large pores primarily in the T zone (forehead, nose and chin), and visible oil only appears in those areas throughout the day, that equals a Normal/Combination skin type.

–If skin is almost always tight feeling and looks rough. that equals Dry skin type.

Why should I use the Cleansing Brush?

–The cleansing brush enhances the cleanser and it’s gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. Plus, it cleans better than hands alone.

What is Micellar Water?

–Everyone is talking about this no-water wonder…. Micellar water contains micelle molecules that act like magnets, attracting and dissolving dirt, oil, makeup and other impurities. Leaving skin feeling nourished and hydrated and since no water is needed, it is great for on-the-go use.

Should I be scrubbing daily?

–Our scrub is formulated with Palm Seed Powder and Jojoba Wax beads to provide gentle exfoliation that is suitable for everyday use ( AM & PM). It improves skin texture and accelerates skin renewal.

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-Father’s Day June 19th-

As many of us know, a Father’s role is a very important role in a child’s life regardless of the situation at hand. Allow Avon to help you make their day a little more special for them, showing them the love and care that they deserve.

I know many people don’t associate Avon with Men, but that is so far from the truth. Avon has a wonderful line up for Men’s items from daily skin care, body wash, shampoo, aftershave, and much more. Avon also offers a line of other products for men as well that varies depending on the season, from jewelry to gadgets and more.


Available currently with Avon is a great bundle for the Men’s Anew products, which includes a 3-in-1 gel cleanser, protective shave gel, 2-in-1 after shave balm, and a daily moisturizer. Each of which can be bought on sale individually, but more importantly they can all be bought at a BUNDLE price that allows you a savings of over $30.00.



Below are a Avon’s “Bling Bling” options for those Father’s who enjoy to wear jewelry but not buy it for themselves. The necklace and ring can be bought as set for $24.99 or individually. All the other items are available for individual sales.

Avon offer a wide array of cologne for men as well, one of the more popular options that they have as a Bundle Set for Father’s Day is Mesmerize Black. There are others available as well but this is the one that I have decided to feature for Father’s Day.


Whether our relationship  with the special Father is Husband, Boyfriend, Father of our child, Brother, or Son. I encourage you to take some time to browse my E-store as you may be very surprised to see the wide array of products for all the special men in your life. I understand not all men are into skincare or cologne and that is the exact reason Avon has other options available as well. There are many gadgets for the handymen, which I have featured below but the techies as well.


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Avon Hair Care & Style 101


Many of you may already know, but Avon has become a one-stop shop in many ways. One of my regularly ordered items for our household consists of the Hair Care products. I have said it before and will say it again. If I am going to buy the product regardless, I am better off ordering it from Avon. Allowing me to support a company I stand behind before any other “big box” store out there. Not to mention the comparison in prices available through Avon, I can buy it for equal or even less than what they are being sold elsewhere.


The 360 Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner is the most popular in our house.    Allowing you a soft, lightweight clean feeling after each use.


For those of you who are looking for body and thickness, this definitely the product for you.


Do you have trouble with damaged hair due weather, coloring, or any other reasons. Or do you just have naturally dry hair, and you are looking to restore moisture. Are you looking for that perfect product for taming those tangles. Either way the Reconstruction 7 products have your back.

Hair products are just another example of Avon’s more than just make-up products. Browse my Estore to see the various other products Avon has to offer. https://wkerkela.avonrepresentative.com

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Avon’s Bundle & Save




Save with Avon’s Bundles, great prices for great products. When I see Avon bundle any of their products, there are so many ideas that run through my mind. I start thinking of the different gifts ideas they would make. With spring being here, there are many events in the upcoming months from Mother’s Day to Graduations, Father’s Day, Birthdays and more. I also think of it as being a perfect time to stock up on favorites. Currently the variety of items Avon has available for a Bundle price cover everyone of all ages. The best is all of them are under $20.00.

Since I started selling Avon, I compare prices ALOT more to the big box stores, and I have realized if I am going to be buying personal hygiene I would be foolish to continue to pay full price verses save with AVON.


Above are 2 really great deals available for those special little ones in our lives. Who doesn’t LOVE fun fruity smelling bath time fun. I still love the detangling spray, it works great to work through those snarls in hair of all ages, I also use the Lavender Body Lotion regularly.

Avon’s Skin So Soft is more than LEGENDARY SOFTNESS, it is a product that once you start using, you not only wonder why it took you this long to start using it but also it is a product that becomes a staple in your household. From the bath oil, to the lotions and the shower gels which are my personal favorites as well as other great SSS products.  With these Bundle Prices, if  you have never taken the chance to try the SSS products what a better time than when they are being offered at such great savings. For those of us who are already  fans of the SSS products, this a great time for us to take advantage of the savings and  stock up for cheap.

Spring into action & savings with Avon’s Foot Works products. With many of us having a late start to the Spring season, I know I cannot be the only feeling the itch to pull out those Flip Flops and Sandals. Avon is offering these great products to help with all your foot care needs, even if you don’t like to show off those toes these products are ideal for maintaining good foot health care too. The savings available with the Bundle Prices makes pampering yourself or that special lady, something that can be done more often than usual.



The last couple times I have done my makeup I have used my new “Makeup Brushes”. I am officially addicted, I will never use them little sponge eye shadow applicators again. I always disliked them, they were always falling off, tearing and were near impossible to clean to make reusable like the brushes are. Not to mention the Brow/Eye Lash Brush, properly allowing you apply mascara and allowing your natural eyelashes to look great. With this Bundle Price you can all 4 of these “must have” makeup tools for one amazingly low price.

Above are a few of Avon’s Classic scents, having been around for many years becoming a trademark in many lives both in the past and present. Sweet Honesty is a personal favorite as it was my Signature Scent as a teenager. Hard to imagine it was actually as many years ago as it was and how much things have evolved over the years. I still to this day use the Perfumed Skin Softener, if they made a body spray I would use that as well. Hey I may have just come up with an idea there. All of the above sets make perfect gifts sets for any and all occasions, and with prices this low who knows if you will have the opportunity to buy them with this kind of savings again.


Everyone of all ages alike love Bubbles, Avon’s Bubble Bath have a reputation for being long lasting bubble which is important, as anyone who takes a bubble bath would know. There are 2 different Bundle sets that contain 3- 24 oz bottles of  different scented bubble bath to tailor to individual preferences, each including Shower Pouf. Not to mention there are various other household uses for Avon’s Bubble Bath( which is for another blog). Another great Bundle Price to be able to stock to up on a favorite product.


These 2 Bundles offer a perfect Mix & Match combination, allowing you a Body Lotion, Body Wash, a Lipstick, and depending on which you choose either a Dazzlers Top Coat or a Lip Gloss. These are great for a couple different things, of course for personal use is always the best option, but you can use them as gifts sets or you break them down and piece them out as small add-ons to a gift or something along those lines. Whatever it is you opt to do with them, you cannot beat the price and with the savings like this you have so many options.

All these above Bundles are available on my website,


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