Avon’s Awesome July Deals & Steals

Just wanted to take a quick moment to share what Avon has to offer for Deals & Steals for the month of July.




There are also some additional offers for the next couple days….

Today July 7, 2016– Code FREESHIP, on orders $25 or more

Free Shipping


July 8th, 2016 30% Savings– NO CODE NEEDED

Avon deal

July 9th 2016– Free Gift on order $75 or more, code ACCENT


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Top 5- What’s Hot Campaign 14

As Campaign 13 has come to an end I thought it was a perfect time to introduce What’s Hot in Campaign 14.

1~ Who could use a little LUCK, everybody could. Avon is introducing the new fragrance LUCK LA VIE, which is a floral/fruity fragrance– which is Avon’s top-selling fragrance category for women.


2~ The Chandelier Earrings are a great summer look, whether dressy or casual. Offered in variety of colors and priced low enough that you can get all 4 colors for less than $20 with any other order of $10 or more.


3~ Avon’s Signature Line of clothes & accessories offer many options for all your summer events. These Avon dresses each come in sizes up to 3x, without charging extra for the full size ladies, which is very unusual.

4~ True Color Lip Balm, providing instant moisture with a tint of color. Great for the great introductory price of $2.99


5~ Avon Senses latest scent. Starfruit & Coconut, offering the great benefits of Vitamins C & E. Get all 4 for the great low price of $9.99, which essentially is less than $2.50 a piece. No big box store pricing there.


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-Father’s Day June 19th-

As many of us know, a Father’s role is a very important role in a child’s life regardless of the situation at hand. Allow Avon to help you make their day a little more special for them, showing them the love and care that they deserve.

I know many people don’t associate Avon with Men, but that is so far from the truth. Avon has a wonderful line up for Men’s items from daily skin care, body wash, shampoo, aftershave, and much more. Avon also offers a line of other products for men as well that varies depending on the season, from jewelry to gadgets and more.


Available currently with Avon is a great bundle for the Men’s Anew products, which includes a 3-in-1 gel cleanser, protective shave gel, 2-in-1 after shave balm, and a daily moisturizer. Each of which can be bought on sale individually, but more importantly they can all be bought at a BUNDLE price that allows you a savings of over $30.00.



Below are a Avon’s “Bling Bling” options for those Father’s who enjoy to wear jewelry but not buy it for themselves. The necklace and ring can be bought as set for $24.99 or individually. All the other items are available for individual sales.

Avon offer a wide array of cologne for men as well, one of the more popular options that they have as a Bundle Set for Father’s Day is Mesmerize Black. There are others available as well but this is the one that I have decided to feature for Father’s Day.


Whether our relationship  with the special Father is Husband, Boyfriend, Father of our child, Brother, or Son. I encourage you to take some time to browse my E-store as you may be very surprised to see the wide array of products for all the special men in your life. I understand not all men are into skincare or cologne and that is the exact reason Avon has other options available as well. There are many gadgets for the handymen, which I have featured below but the techies as well.


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Friday Foot Works with Avon


Spring is officially here and so is Flip Flop/Sandal weather. Are you ready to let your feet soak up some warmth after this long winter season? Avon is here to help you get them prepared. Any 2 Foot Works products for ONLY $6.99. Mix & Match any Foot Work Products.


pampering spa treatments

Spot softening
Lavender Softening Balm
1.7 oz. net wt.
Price: $6.00
A facial for your feet
Lavender Clay Mask
3.4 fl. oz.
Price: $5.00
Beauty sleep for feet
Lavender Overnight Cream
3.4 fl. oz.
Price: $5.50
Renew overnight
Overnight Renewing Foot Cream
3.4 fl. oz.
Price: $5.50
Intense hydration
Deep Moisturizing Cream
2.5 fl. oz.
Price: $5.00
Comfort weary soles
Sole Support Cushion Cream
2.5 fl. oz.
Price: $6.00
Instant exfoliation
Dual-Action Pedi-Peel
22 pads.
Price: $7.00


solutions for every need

Revive tired legs
Peppermint Reviving Leg Gel
3.4 fl. oz.
Price: $5.50
Treat rough calluses
Intensive Callus Cream
3.4 fl. oz.
Price: $6.00
Soothe achy feet
Arthritis Achy Foot and Muscle Cream
2.5 fl. oz.
Price: $7.00
Treat athlete’s foot
Antifungal for Athlete’s Foot Spray
3.4 fl. oz.
Price: $9.00
Treat athlete’s foot
Antifungal for Athlete’s Foot Powder
2.6 oz. net wt.
Price: $6.00
Eliminate odor
Deodorizing Spray
3.5 oz. net wt.
Price: $7.00
Dry soles
Deodorizing Foot Powder
2.6 oz. net wt.
Price: $7.00
Refresh on the go
Deodorizing Foot Wipes
Each wipe, 7″ L x 6 3/4″ W. Resealable package of 24.
Price: $7.00
Moisturize dry feet
Intensive Moisture Foot Cream
2.5 fl. oz.
Price: $6.00
Restorative Milky Foot Soak With Epsom salt
3.4 fl. oz.
Price: $6.00

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– Spring Living with Avon –


Avon Spring Living line of products are now available. Starting in the current Campaign 7 and lasts through Campaign 10. Just in time for Spring, Easter and all your summer events too.12717742_1028470180543301_5434456229471581428_n

One of my favorite aspects of this new product line is the ability to mix & match to meet your individual taste. There a range of items from the kitchen to the living room and even bathroom accessories as well as laundry room, outdoor products including items for your gardening needs and let’s not forget the kids room accessories too.


Not only will these new Avon Living items work great for your home, but also make wonderful gifts for Easter, Mother’s Day, Birthdays and any other special occasions.

Some of the FEATURED PRODUCTS of Avon Living–

Spring Scent-Sations…. Perfect for any and all rooms, allowing a subtle  scent ranging from Crisp Cotton, Dewy Lilac, & Fresh.Lemon

3- Tiered Cooling Rack…. Steel, and oven safe, breaks down for storage. Provides the appropriate space for cooling your baked good, while freeing up counter space to continue to work without have to maneuver around multiple cooling racks.

Inspirational Mug Gift Set…. Dishwasher safe, porcelain 12 oz mug & coaster lid that doubles as a hanging decoration. Blue Mug Set (Keep Calm and Sip On), Green Mug Set (Without Faith Miracles Can’t Happen) and Red Mug Set (Start Each Day with a Grateful Heart).

10-piece Nesting Bowl Set…. 5 brightly colored glass bowls with matching plastic lids. Great for any event or everyday use. Adding a beautiful range of color to your famous family favorite meals.

Flutter Collection Dragonfly Sundial…. Cast-iron sun-dial, not only serves as a yard or garden decoration, but also functions as an ancient sun-dial, providing a great conversation piece to your outdoor gatherings. For those of you who know me personally already know my love for Dragonflies. They not only have a special meaning to me but have proved various times to have a strong connection between me and those loved ones I have lost. So as you can imagine this my favorite item of the Avon Spring Living line of products.


The Avon Spring Living catalog is available at my E-store @ https://wkerkela.avonrepresentative.com There are so many wonderful items that there is no way for me to possibly highlight them all, but if you go to my E-store you will have access to them all through Campaign 10.

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*SkinCare Sunday with Retinol Revolution


Two new treatments with #1 WRINKLE FIGHTING ingredients introducing the Line Eraser with Retinol. Save over $10 by purchasing for the introductory price currently offered. Your MUST HAVE Wrinkle Fighting Duo powered by retinol.

Anew Clinical– Line Eraser with Retinol Treatment with overall “Fine Lines & Wrinkles”. 2x faster & more powerful than other dermatologist suggested treatments. Can be used AM/PM after cleanser before moisturizer. Introductory price $ 24.99.


Anew Clinical– Line Eraser with Retinol Treatment for “Targeted Deep Wrinkles”. Designed to smooth your lines around the forehead and mouth. See results in 1 weeks time. Use in the PM only, after cleanser and before moisturizer, concentrating on the targeted areas only. Introductory price $ 24.99.

12718067_10208680128790606_7596400892441345594_n (2)

Available now in Campaign 7. Shop on my E-store 24/7, from the comfort of your home and have it delivered directly to you.


Avon’s ANEW line of products have clinically proven to have great results, and with products made for everyone’s individual skincare needs. Take some time to research the available products on my E-store to find what products meet your specific skin needs.

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~Speak out against Domestic Violence with Avon~

11235801_917423634981290_5319232218959687333_nLet’s EMPOWER WOMEN together….. March 8th is International Women’s Day, and March is a month to celebrate the women in our lives. Your purchase of Avon Empowerment Products helps support Avon’s Speak Out Against Domestic Violence Programs.


Avon launched its Speak Out Against Domestic Violence in 2004 and has become a leader in the program due to its AMAZING contributions of nearly $60 MILLION for victims not only in the US but in 49 other countries internationally.


The women affected are not strangers to us, they often times are family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and often times even ourselves at one point or another. Together we can make a difference, if we all contribute even in a small manner, it builds up to become a fierce force.

Avon believes, that when Women are Empowered, they can turn their dreams into a beautiful reality. Personally, when I gained my EMPOWERMENT in life, there no longer was anything holding me back and there never was going to be again. Where there is a will there is a way. Teaching and showing our younger generations that we can become whatever it is we set our minds to, if we just push forward and not allow those who doubt our abilities to hinder us. This is not only important but it is ESSENTIAL.  Being strong for our children and other younger generations, teaching them STRENGTH, INDEPENDENCE, HAPPINESS, DETERMINATION, and BEING TRUE TO OURSELVES AND THOSE AROUND US.


Abuse of any sort, affects everyone involved, including those who have no choice in the situation. As a Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Son, Brother, Father, or whoever it may be your family and friends are being affected by the violence that is taking place. Sometimes it is hard to see past yourself when you are the victim, but I promise it is a domino affect, and your loved ones are suffering as well. If a child grows up living in a house with Domestic Violence, it IS going to be carried over into their adulthood. That doesn’t mean that they will be abusive, but it could result in a  variety of other after affects. They may become the victim themselves, they may have trust issues that may not ever be able to be fixed, they can form an addictive personality, burying their childhood away with negative behaviors, and those are just a few of the many possibilities. This truly is just the beginning of the chain affect, if you are in a situation you feel at harm in, it is guaranteed any children are being affected just as bad, if not worse. But with all that being said  you can have the same affect on those around when you are empower21604_993070547416598_749626070885949916_ned, safe, and strong. Every decision we make in life has a outcome, both the good and bad. In order to be there for your family, friends and other loved ones. You have to be there for yourself; mentally, physically, and emotionally. Even in those situations of life where we are struggling to feel the empowerment and strength we have, being around others who nourish and support us will allow us to see the capabilities. If there is someone who is damaging us and starving us from who we can be, they have the upper hand and the power to destroy you and all around you.




One of Avon’s strengths is to bring awareness to the epidemic of Domestic Violence, so that victims and their families do not have to suffer in silence. By purchasing Empowerment Products, you can support the life saving Speak Out Programs. Below are some additional items available that are sold being by Avon as part of their contribution to the Speak Out Against Domestic Violence.

untitled (5)Sterling Silver Empowerment Infinity CZ Ring, available in sizes 5-10, in Campaign 6 for $20 (Donation of $4).

untitled (4)Sterling Silver Domestic Violence Necklace with CZ accents. 19″ in length for $20 (Donation of $4) in Campaign 6.

untitled (6)Empowerment Charm Bracelet, silvertone bracelet with various charms. One size fits most available in Campaign 6 for $5 (Donation $1).


Please remember every effort to support this worldwide epidemic, is a step in the right direction. Speak Out Against Domestic Violence may hit others more personally than some, but there is no doubt there is someone you know personally who either is or has been in a Domestic Violence situation. The more support these victims, their family and friends get, the more we can try and protect, empower, support, and strengthen our communities and the future of our children. Remember MARCH 8th is International Women’s Day, take a moment to encourage the women in your life!!!!

To join Avon in its attempt of helping end the silence and encourage to Speak Out, please purchase from my Estore– https://wkerkela.avonrepresentative.com

Please contact me with any questions, ideas, concerns, or if interested in joining my Avon Team via email dragonflylady1978@gmail.com or call me @ 715-518-8587