~Organize your home with Avon Living~

Get a step ahead with your Spring cleaning by finding the perfect organizational items with Avon Living. Whether you are looking for simple solutions to organizing 1 room or many, Avon Living has your needs covered.


Tired for tripping over the endless items as you come through the door. Here are some simple solutions that will not only provide your home some organization but also some instant decor as well. A perfect start to tidy things up are by having baskets for the small items, baskets are available in many shapes and styles and can be used for a variety of things.

Looking for a de-clutter solution for your bedroom? Take a new approach to organization with containers, under bed storage, door hangers for your closets, and caddies for make-up, jewelry and more.


Free up counter and drawer space with this multi-functional space saver retractable rail and accessories. Hang over your counters, sinks, and any other kitchen area that you are looking to free up space and provide a clean de-cluttered space.


Are your cabinets cluttered and unorganized? Avon Living offers a variety of Bamboo solutions to streamlining your dishes, silverware, spices and more. Bamboo is not only provides a clean and tidy solution but also a neutral and natural look that fits well with any kitchen decorations.living-room

Don’t forget the Living Room, adding these perfect pieces to  your rooms, pulls everything together and gives you the ultimate organization to your home. Adding shelves and bins to hold those small items provides a home for those items that tend to add to the clutter of our lives.

Take the time to browse the Avon Living line of products on my E-store http://www.youravon.com/wkerkela

Avon truly does provide so much more than make-up, it has household items, clothing, shoes, kids items, kitchen gadgets, jewelry and so much more.



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