Pineapple Chill by Avon’s Foot Works

Avon is introducing a NEW twist on their line of Foot Works products by adding 3 exciting new products. Refresh your feet with this cooling pineapple treat…. and a twist of lime.

download (3)

EXFOLIATING SCRUB- Wipes away dry and rough skin, resulting in smooth and conditioned feeling feet. Introductory Price $2.99 Regular Price will be $6.00

*Advance order for $1.79 each, order # 107-166

COOLING LOTION- Soothing moisturizing lotion giving your feet that soft, smooth & cool feeling. Introductory Price $ 2.99 Regular Price will be $6.00

*Advance order for $1.79 each, order # 730-947

COOLING SPRAY- A refreshing spray that provides a cooling sensation, leaving your feet feeling fresh, comfortable and rejuvenated. Introductory Price $ 3.99 Regular Price will be $7.00

*Advance order for $2.39 each, order # 733-654

download (2)

Advance Order—-An Avon Foot Works Pineapple Chill 8-Piece Set Includes…..

4~ Exfoliating Scrubs

2~Cooling Lotions

2~Cooling Sprays

You can get ALL 8 pieces for $11.98, if you advance order it. This is a $50.00 value, saving you over $45.00 just for advance ordering it.

Contact me to discuss the advance order process, or order on my E-Store @

Order number 962-508, take advantage of this 8-piece advance order pack (it’s unlimited).

There are great benefits in advance ordering, mainly the AWESOME savings.


You can advance order through Campaign 16, when the Introductory Price kicks in. Once Campaign 16 is here there will be a 4-piece set available, which will include 2~ Exfoliating Scrubs, and both a Cooling Lotion and a Cooling Spray. Priced at $9.99, which is a $25.00 value.

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