Be Scent-sible & Pre-order your Avon Fragrances….

Want to get some of your favorite fragrances at the cheapest price of the year???

$6.60  which is a great STOCK UP PRICE, No Limit….. Allow me to pre-order them for you. Have you never pre-ordered? Contact me and we can discuss the process, I do the work and you reap the benefits.

Throughout this blog I have included pictures of each of the fragrances available for pre-order, at this unbeatable price.

Save 40% by pre-ordering. Regular Brochure price $23.00. Campaign 13 sale is going to be Buy any 2 for $22.00. You can get as many as you want now for $6.6o which is my cost as a agent. This special representative offer is only being offered for a short time so don’t let it slip away from you.



A few fun-filled DO’s & DON’Ts for you and your fragrances….

DO- Keep fragrance away from extreme heat and cold.

DON’T- Spray too close to skin. To avoid dripping or a too heavy application, spray from 6-7 inches away.

DO- Apply directly to skin, focusing on the pulse points. Allow your body heat to develop the fragrance for a true impression.

DON’T- Forget to spritz your hair, which will hold your fragrance long after application.

Pre-orders is something we have available all the time, so if you are interested in receiving information regarding upcoming products available for Pre-Order, feel free to contact me as well and I can set it up to contact you regularly with the deals.

There are various ways in which you can reach me so that you can take advantage of this pre-order deal. I am available by call or text, 715-518-8587. I can also be contacted via e-mail or you can message me on Facebook at



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