Avon’s Anti-Aging Breakthroughs


Avon is introducing “The Game Changers”, Anti-Aging Breakthroughs with Amazing Results. Our 2-in-1 AHA Formula, the new “AHA”. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are potent acids that can help your skin look smoother and years younger. Our new AHA cream is made with a blend of antioxidants and soothing agents so you can use it daily. This new product can be used as a moisturizer after cleaner and treatment.


The power of “Pure Vitamin C”…. Topical Vitamin C formulas help skin look brighter. Other products contain a Vitamin C derivative, which is not as effective as pure Vitamin C. It also protects your skin from sun, pollution and other aggressors. In just a few weeks, it will help your skin look smoother and cleaner and more even toned. Use both in the AM and PM after cleaning and before moisturizing.


The new “Super Exfoliator”…. Anew Clinical Extra Strength Retexturizing Peel. Avon’s popular retexturizer, now also available in extra strength. Improves texture and radiance, plus minimizes the appearance of sun spots, fine lines and post acne marks. A build-up of dead surface cells makes the skin look dull, removing them provides a fresher smoother more radiant look. Use every other day in either the AM or PM after cleansing.


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If interested in becoming a Skincare Specialist with Avon feel free to contact me for details as well.


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