Mother’s Day Made Special

Avon strives on building empowerment and confidence, which in my eyes is something a Mother does as well. Building empowerment and confidence from a young age on is important but even then things out of a Mother’s control can break it down during life as an individual ages. Hence the importance to continue to work on it daily for those around us, even those we may not know on a real personal basis, we do not know what goes on in everyone’s personal life and we don’t know how important something as little as a simple gesture of kindness can do for a person.

Our Mother’s helped make us who we have become as adults, both the from the good and the not so good things in life. They have shown us how to overcome obstacles, fight for what we feel is right, treat people with respect amongst many other things in life.


Without our Mother’s to guide us, would we be the same people we are today? I know I wouldn’t be. As a Mother I now realize it is a job that takes someone special and that person changes with every situation. As a Mother, the way I may have responded previously I may not respond the same way again as it is a learning experience. Being a Mother so much more than it seems. We must not just be a Mother, but a friend, a confident, a protector, a teacher, and those are just to name a few titles we carry.  Mother’s Day is a day dedicated to honor the women in our lives who sacrificed various things in their own lives to ensure we had what we needed or wanted as children.


Avon offers a wide range of ideas for gifts to show your appreciation for your Mother on her special day this year. Avon’s Sterling Silver Jewelry is a perfect option for many Mothers. Allowing them to shine as they have so well in the past and  continue to in future.  Avon also has some great options for the Fur Baby Mothers out there. Which hits close to home for me right now as some of you may know, as I lost my “lifer” Mama Mia cat this morning. So as a Fur Baby Mother I understand there is a love for our pets, that is strong and similar to our children.

One of my favorite things about Avon as a whole is that fact that they are so versatile in the products they carry. They tailor to a wide range of customers with a wide range of products. The best part about our Mother’s who made us individuals, is they are individuals and each of them are different. So what my Mother would like your Mother may not, which is what brings diversity and uniqueness to our world. Avon not only knows this but they also encourage it.


As many of us know some of our Mothers want a true SPA like gift and depending on on location or situation it may not always be practical. Avon has come up with a solution to help Mothers have that option in the comfort of their own home with the Bamboo over the Bathtub Caddy, which provides a place to hold you book or magazine, a place for their favorite beverage and more. Providing them the true relaxation they deserve.


Let’s not forget about the Gift Sets available in time for Mother’s Day. Avon always has some wonderful deals on Gift Sets, and Mother’s Day is no different. Of course Avon has many Gift Set options available and there truly is no way in which I could display them all in this blog but they are certainly all available to be seen and purchased on my E-store.

Appreciation for our Mother’s is not meant to be focused to only one day of the year, but instead throughout the entire year. However, going above and beyond on these special holidays is something that they deserve and worked hard many years to be acknowledged for. I know personally I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for my Mom and I am betting my son learns from both my good and bad actions, decisions and influences. I also know there were other women Mother figures in my life that I owe credit to, whom had an impact on me growing up into the woman that I am today. Some of which may have been Aunts, Mothers of a friend, a neighbor, a step-mom and others as well.

Wishing all you Mother’s a Happy Mother’s Day….I know that there are a lot of ladies out there that may not be biological Mother’s that have or are making an impact on the lives of children. To each the same, the definition of a Mother can truly have many different meanings.


Please feel to contact me for any assistance in which you may need in your Mother’s Day purchases. All Direct Delivery orders can be submitted on my E-store at

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