Top 10 of my Fantastic Favorites


Becoming an Avon representative was and still is so much more than selling Avon. I wanted to sell something I was passionate about, I tried other companies in the past thinking I believed in their products and purpose as a company. Come to find out I may have believed their purpose, but wasn’t a fan of the products. In my eyes it is nearly impossible to sell something you wouldn’t use in your own home or daily life. So when I was asked to join Avon, I realized I was putting my time and effort into the wrong company.

I have been a AVON fan since I can remember, my Mom always ordered Avon and as I got to be the age in which I could order myself, I started to as well. So instead of ordering from someone else, why not order from myself and get my products at a discounted price. That right there made the $15 start fee worth it.

As a teenager, my favorite product became the fragrance Sweet Honesty, which I still use 20+ years later.  As I grew into a late teenager, young adult I was a HUGE fan of Mickey Mouse, and Avon ALWAYS had some of the best Mickey Mouse items around. My family knew I would always be happy with any Avon Mickey Mouse gift for any occasion. Which reminds me of a time years ago, growing up in a small rural town where everyone’s Avon Lady was the same person. The Avon Lady knew very well of my Mickey Mouse collection, as me and family ordered many items over the years. One year both my Mom and my Sister both ordered a Mickey Mouse Tote Bag and Umbrella set for me as  a Christmas gift, neither of them discussed it with one another and the Avon lady never mentioned it to either of them as well. So needless to say that year I got 2 Tote Bag & Umbrella Sets. The look on their faces that Christmas was priceless. Another product line that I really enjoyed and have a set of to this day that are very precious to me, was the Thomas Kinkade Lighthouses collectibles.

Today, my Avon orders look a little different than they did when I was younger, but the fact remains the same. Avon has, is and always will be part of my life. As an Avon Representative that just brings that statement to a whole new level. I now use the products more on a daily basis, and have been educated about the history of Avon and what Avon truly stands for. So I can proudly say that I belong to a company who not only provides me and my family products that we like but also a company that has the same morals and beliefs as I do. When you are passionate about what you are doing, it no longer seems like work.

Now as promised, my Top 10 Fantastic Favorites—

1. Anyone who knows me knows I love my “Flip Flops”, which in hence means my toes need to be polished.

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2. Next, I would have to say  would be the Shower Gels, both Natural Senses and SSS. I prefer to mix them up and never used the same scent in a row. I tend to stock up these when they are on sale, as you can usually buy them for a great price.


3. Which brings me right in a Classic Favorite, as I would call it. Since I remember it in our house as a child, Skin So Soft. Which Avon has really expanded their line of SSS, allowing a great variety of products using the same classic product.


4. As mentioned earlier Sweet Honesty will always hold a special place in my heart, and again another Classic Favorite as far as I am concerned.


5. Bubbles, Bubbles and more Bubbles….Who doesn’t like a Bubble Bath? Avon is known for their Bubble Bath product and probably always will.


6. With age, I have also become fond of a lighter refreshing type fragrance vs. the heavier scents. Which leads me into a my love for the Body Sprays offered through Avon and the great variety of scents.


    7. Which is a perfect segway into one of next favorite products, the Body Lotions. So many options, I can use a different one everyday of the week.


    8. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Carmex, my son says that is my signature scent and that he could always find me if I left open drinks along the way. But I also enjoy Lip Gloss, which I apply first and than top with Carmex. Some people like Lipstick, but my preference is Lip Gloss.


    9. My family has become to love the haircare products, both the shampoo and conditioners. My teenage son cares more about his hair and how it feels and looks than anyone else in the house. So I figure if it is kid test and approved, it must be good.

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10. Last but definitely not least, is still my personal weakness but everyone deserves to get themselves something once in a while. Right?!?!?! Avon has an exceptional line of .925 Sterling Silver Jewelry.  Ranging from Necklaces, Earrings and of course my favorite Rings.



So I can continue to go on and on about my preferred products from Avon, but I will save those items for a different blog as I promised to give my Top 10 and will stop there for now.

As I have learned on my journey as an Avon Representative and have mentioned time and time again. Avon truly is so much more than their products. It is a company that has been around for 130 years, which not many companies can say that, but they also continue to grow bigger and stronger because they truly care and thrive to show both women and men alike that they stand up for what they believe is right. They work strongly with a couple very important causes and donate time and money in helping others that are victims, survivors and those around them that are affected by Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer.


Avon also believes in Beauty with a Purpose. Encouraging both women and men the confidence to feel proud of who and what they are. Beauty comes in various forms, and what may be beautiful to one person may not be to another. There is no right or wrong when it comes to beauty, everyone has their own style making us INDIVIDUALS.

So this blog provides you a summary of my opinion of why it only seems natural to me to a Representative of a company such as Avon. Everyone’s story and journey is different but in the end we all stand for the same things.






8 thoughts on “Top 10 of my Fantastic Favorites

  1. Kitty Niday says:

    I have always loved Avon sometime it was the only product I could use so I stay with it. And like my daughter I love their jewery most of all their silver..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kimberly Kennedy says:

    What a great blog! It’s funny how AVON was such a household name for us as girls, watching our mothers, sisters, aunts and grandma’s using the products. Today the same classic goodies can still be found and so much more now! I love AVON!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sarah Niday says:

    I as well love these Avon products!! I’m more about the perfumes and lotions!!! I absolutely love Growing up with these products, even better my sister sells it now!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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