International Day of Happiness & First day of Spring……

March 20th, 2016 is both the International Day of Happiness as well as the First day of Spring, coincidence I think not.

Happiness can mean different things to different people, but in the end pure happiness is a pure form of beauty.


Avon is a company that empowers women, encouraging them to allow their beauty  to shine from both the outside as well as inside. Beauty is way beyond makeup, all makeup does is enhance a person’s existing beauty.


When it comes to outer beauty, anyone can paint a beautiful image. Whether it is with makeup, clothing, shoes, jewelry and other materialistic items. None of it changes who you are on the inside and none of it makes you a better person. The material items may bring you temporary happiness but true happiness is something that can last a lifetime. Both women and men who are happy in life have a radiant beauty which provides them confidence, and character making them who they truly are with or without the materialist items.

Spring brings the beauty of life after winter. Trees and flowers bloom. Ice melts and the birds come back to sing us a melody. The beginning of calendar year is in the middle of the coldest season of the year. In my eyes Spring is the real beginning of the new year. Everything in nature comes to life, representing the beginning of many things.


Personally Spring brings joy to my soul, which enhances my inner beauty that in turn shines through to the outside. Spring brings happiness to my mindset which affects not just me but all those around me. As everything returns to life and the rain washes away the cold, dirt and grime left over after the end of Winter that is the real beginning.

To me having these two days fall together as one, brings both happiness and beauty to my life. Reminding me that regardless what someone does to themselves to display beauty, it truly comes from within and what we believe that makes the beautiful souls we are.


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