– Spring Living with Avon –


Avon Spring Living line of products are now available. Starting in the current Campaign 7 and lasts through Campaign 10. Just in time for Spring, Easter and all your summer events too.12717742_1028470180543301_5434456229471581428_n

One of my favorite aspects of this new product line is the ability to mix & match to meet your individual taste. There a range of items from the kitchen to the living room and even bathroom accessories as well as laundry room, outdoor products including items for your gardening needs and let’s not forget the kids room accessories too.


Not only will these new Avon Living items work great for your home, but also make wonderful gifts for Easter, Mother’s Day, Birthdays and any other special occasions.

Some of the FEATURED PRODUCTS of Avon Living–

Spring Scent-Sations…. Perfect for any and all rooms, allowing a subtle  scent ranging from Crisp Cotton, Dewy Lilac, & Fresh.Lemon

3- Tiered Cooling Rack…. Steel, and oven safe, breaks down for storage. Provides the appropriate space for cooling your baked good, while freeing up counter space to continue to work without have to maneuver around multiple cooling racks.

Inspirational Mug Gift Set…. Dishwasher safe, porcelain 12 oz mug & coaster lid that doubles as a hanging decoration. Blue Mug Set (Keep Calm and Sip On), Green Mug Set (Without Faith Miracles Can’t Happen) and Red Mug Set (Start Each Day with a Grateful Heart).

10-piece Nesting Bowl Set…. 5 brightly colored glass bowls with matching plastic lids. Great for any event or everyday use. Adding a beautiful range of color to your famous family favorite meals.

Flutter Collection Dragonfly Sundial…. Cast-iron sun-dial, not only serves as a yard or garden decoration, but also functions as an ancient sun-dial, providing a great conversation piece to your outdoor gatherings. For those of you who know me personally already know my love for Dragonflies. They not only have a special meaning to me but have proved various times to have a strong connection between me and those loved ones I have lost. So as you can imagine this my favorite item of the Avon Spring Living line of products.


The Avon Spring Living catalog is available at my E-store @ https://wkerkela.avonrepresentative.com There are so many wonderful items that there is no way for me to possibly highlight them all, but if you go to my E-store you will have access to them all through Campaign 10.

Please contact me with any questions or if interested in joining my Avon team. I can be reached via Facebook http://www.facebook.com/avonwkerkela

E-mail me at dragonflylady1978@gmail.com

Call or Text me at 715-715-8587

Follow me on other social media as well, links listed on homepage of blog.

If interested sign-up to for upcoming email, go to my E-store and get on my mailing list. I will be working on this months newsletter next, so sign up to start getting them as well as online deals, and other Avon related emails.

















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