~Speak out against Domestic Violence with Avon~

11235801_917423634981290_5319232218959687333_nLet’s EMPOWER WOMEN together….. March 8th is International Women’s Day, and March is a month to celebrate the women in our lives. Your purchase of Avon Empowerment Products helps support Avon’s Speak Out Against Domestic Violence Programs.


Avon launched its Speak Out Against Domestic Violence in 2004 and has become a leader in the program due to its AMAZING contributions of nearly $60 MILLION for victims not only in the US but in 49 other countries internationally.


The women affected are not strangers to us, they often times are family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and often times even ourselves at one point or another. Together we can make a difference, if we all contribute even in a small manner, it builds up to become a fierce force.

Avon believes, that when Women are Empowered, they can turn their dreams into a beautiful reality. Personally, when I gained my EMPOWERMENT in life, there no longer was anything holding me back and there never was going to be again. Where there is a will there is a way. Teaching and showing our younger generations that we can become whatever it is we set our minds to, if we just push forward and not allow those who doubt our abilities to hinder us. This is not only important but it is ESSENTIAL.  Being strong for our children and other younger generations, teaching them STRENGTH, INDEPENDENCE, HAPPINESS, DETERMINATION, and BEING TRUE TO OURSELVES AND THOSE AROUND US.


Abuse of any sort, affects everyone involved, including those who have no choice in the situation. As a Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Son, Brother, Father, or whoever it may be your family and friends are being affected by the violence that is taking place. Sometimes it is hard to see past yourself when you are the victim, but I promise it is a domino affect, and your loved ones are suffering as well. If a child grows up living in a house with Domestic Violence, it IS going to be carried over into their adulthood. That doesn’t mean that they will be abusive, but it could result in a  variety of other after affects. They may become the victim themselves, they may have trust issues that may not ever be able to be fixed, they can form an addictive personality, burying their childhood away with negative behaviors, and those are just a few of the many possibilities. This truly is just the beginning of the chain affect, if you are in a situation you feel at harm in, it is guaranteed any children are being affected just as bad, if not worse. But with all that being said  you can have the same affect on those around when you are empower21604_993070547416598_749626070885949916_ned, safe, and strong. Every decision we make in life has a outcome, both the good and bad. In order to be there for your family, friends and other loved ones. You have to be there for yourself; mentally, physically, and emotionally. Even in those situations of life where we are struggling to feel the empowerment and strength we have, being around others who nourish and support us will allow us to see the capabilities. If there is someone who is damaging us and starving us from who we can be, they have the upper hand and the power to destroy you and all around you.




One of Avon’s strengths is to bring awareness to the epidemic of Domestic Violence, so that victims and their families do not have to suffer in silence. By purchasing Empowerment Products, you can support the life saving Speak Out Programs. Below are some additional items available that are sold being by Avon as part of their contribution to the Speak Out Against Domestic Violence.

untitled (5)Sterling Silver Empowerment Infinity CZ Ring, available in sizes 5-10, in Campaign 6 for $20 (Donation of $4).

untitled (4)Sterling Silver Domestic Violence Necklace with CZ accents. 19″ in length for $20 (Donation of $4) in Campaign 6.

untitled (6)Empowerment Charm Bracelet, silvertone bracelet with various charms. One size fits most available in Campaign 6 for $5 (Donation $1).


Please remember every effort to support this worldwide epidemic, is a step in the right direction. Speak Out Against Domestic Violence may hit others more personally than some, but there is no doubt there is someone you know personally who either is or has been in a Domestic Violence situation. The more support these victims, their family and friends get, the more we can try and protect, empower, support, and strengthen our communities and the future of our children. Remember MARCH 8th is International Women’s Day, take a moment to encourage the women in your life!!!!

To join Avon in its attempt of helping end the silence and encourage to Speak Out, please purchase from my Estore– https://wkerkela.avonrepresentative.com

Please contact me with any questions, ideas, concerns, or if interested in joining my Avon Team via email dragonflylady1978@gmail.com or call me @ 715-518-8587




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