~Build your look…Eyes, Lips, & Nails~



With so many options available regarding the various make-up looks, how do you decide what works for you? Do you follow the most recent trend, mix it up, or go with what suits you and your personality best?

Currently with Avon, you can stock up on all your make-up needs. Allowing you to build up your stash of favorite look products, while being cheap enough to allow you to play around and see if you find alternative looks that you like as well. Allowing you to explore your make-up personality. Different looks for different occasions.


Try shades,  and blending colors that you may have not considered. Available options are

~18 hour worry-free wear, an extra-long lasting Eyeshadow Ink. With 6 great colors available.

~True Color Eyeshadow Single, available in 9 rich vibrant colors varying finishes from shimmery, matte, or metallic.

~True Color Eyeshadow Duos, available as well, allowing you the ability of blending two complimentary shades together to make a look you love. There are 7 different duos available.


~Ultra Color Glossy Tube, giving you the color you like as well as the glass-like shine and hydration our lips need. Available in 6 different shades, can be worn alone or with your favorite shades of lipstick to add that glossy look.

~Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss, giving you a burst of brilliant shine. There are 21 different shades of this lip nourishing , never sticky, and always sensational Lip Gloss. Again looks great worn alone or over your favorite lipstick. Also available in various finishes from shimmery, sparkle or creamy.

GLIMMERSTICKS–For your Brows, Lips and Eyes, long lasting retractable and self sharping.

~Brow Definer, allowing you to shape your brows perfectly. Available in 4 colors; Soft Black, Dark Brown, Tawny, and Blonde.

~Lip Liner, enhances your lipstick of choice well defining your lips. There are 12 great colors available to match your preference.

~Diamond Eye Liner available in 5 shimmering colors, giving just the right amount of sparkle.

~Original Eye Liner also available in 5 bold colors to define your eye color perfectly.

~Waterproof Eye Liner for that stay put look, with 4 different colors to meet your desired look and giving you the waterproof coverage you want.


~Speed Dry+ for us ladies who don’t have the time or patience to wait for our nails to dry.  You can choose from 2 finishes, either crème or shimmer . Also you have a variety of 9 different colors as well as a clear polish.

~Nailwear Pro+ giving you 12 days of lasting color, available in 28 colors. Also allowing you the ability to choose your finish of choice from sequins, sheer, crème, and shimmer.

~Dazzlers Top Coat for that dazzling glitter look to top off all your favorite colors or can be worn alone for the bling natural look.

Current special– Mix & Match all of the above products ANY 3 for $8.99. If  you break that down you are looking at a price of about $3 each. I have bought make-up from other manufactures and I promise you are paying them more then what you can get them for with AVON.


Avon has also put together 2 different bundles for one low price as well.



Build your look by finding your Mascara volume…..There is a mascara out there for every make-up wearer.

  1. SuperExtend Mascara, lengthening brush with tapered bristles. Available in Waterproof Black, to give that stay put guarantee.
  2.  SuperExtend Winged Out Mascara, feather like inspired, tapered brush with hundreds of filigree bristles. Available in 3 colors; Blackest Black, Black, and Brown Black.
  3. AeroVolume Mascara, unique star-shaped brush creates a vertical lift. Available in 3 colors; Blackest Black, Black, and Brown Black.
  4. SuperShock Mascara with a super-sized brush & separates lashes available in Black.
  5. SuperShock Max Mascara , a helix brush with a zig-zag brush design. Available in Waterproof Black or Non-Waterproof Black or Brown.
  6. Big & Daring Volume Mascara, with a  curved brush with multilevel bristles to capture every lash. Available in Waterproof Black as well as Non-Waterproof Blackest Black, Black and Brown Black.
  7. Big & False Lash Volume Mascara, doubles the look of lashes and layers onto lashes smoothly. Available in 3 colors; Blackest Black, Black, and Brown Black.
  8. Mega Effects Mascara, Avon’s 1st ever wonderbrush that transforms lashes from corner to corner. Available in both Blackest Black and Black.


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Contact me with any questions on Facebook-  http://www.facebook.com/avonwkerkela or via email dragonflylady1978@gmail.com or call me at 715-518-8587


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