~Top 25 Reasons to Join my Avon Team~


Becoming an Avon Representative is so much more then just selling make-up…. I have compiled a list of the Top 25 reasons why you and your friends or family should join my Avon Team.

  1. One-Time Low Start-up Fee… $15
  2. FREE Website
  3. FREE Training
  4. FREE & Discounted Products
  5. Great Support from other Representatives
  6. Online Resources
  7. Flexible Hours
  8. Incentives
  9. Be Your Own Boss
  10. NO Monthly Fees
  11. Earn Extra $$$$
  12. Work From Home & Online
  13. Support the Breast Cancer Crusade
  14. Encourage Empowerment for Women
  15. Be Part of a Company that has been around 130 Years.
  16. Provide Confidence for others.
  17. No Inventory Required.
  18. Endless Opportunities
  19. Pre-View New Products
  20. No Parties (Optional)
  21. Men make GREAT Sales Representatives as well.
  22. Your Hard Work Pays off for You, not Someone Else.
  23. Can Provide Services to your Customers 24/7
  24. Have Fun & Make New Friends.
  25. Join a Company that You Can Be Proud Of.


JOIN- http://www.yourAVON.com



For the first 10 representatives that join my AVON TEAM will also receive a FREE Grand Opening of their E-store Online Party Hosted by me. All you have to do is invited your friends and family, I will do the rest and you can sit back and just enjoy the party.

But you will also receive a FREE sign-on gift from me for joining my Avon Team…….

12112120_957166604340326_4832555495893690118_n (2)

Remember to share this opportunities with ALL your friends and family. Avon is a company for Women  & a Few Good Men!!!

Any questions, I am ALWAYS available. Contact me………

Phone 715-518-8587

Email- dragonflylady1978@gmail.com

Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/avonwkerkela

E-store- https://wkerkela.avonrepresentative.com




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