Nourish your skin with Moisture Therapy


So many options to nourish you skin especially during the colder months. Our skin is the body’s largest organ and sole purpose is to protect us, we need to protect it as well. Finding the perfect skin care products can be difficult. Avon does a great job providing various products for various skin types, at a competitive price.

My son has battled Eczema since being a baby, he is now 13. I have spent tons of money over the years at various stores trying to find one that worked. Avon’s Moisture Therapy line has a product specifically for Eczema, that has provided an effective treatment with an additional benefit of being less expensive than some of the various other products we have tried over the years.


Are you in need of Intensive Care for your extra dry skin??? Moisture Therapy has just what you need, not to mention with a purchase of one Extra Strength Cream, Body Wash or Body Lotion you will receive FREE additional products to help provide the moisture that you skin needs. 


Are you looking for a Calming Relief for your dry & itchy skin? Moisture Therapy offers a variety of products with oatmeal to relieve the itchy resulting from dry skin. Again when buying a Spray lotion, Body wash, or Body lotion you will get FREE products, essentially offering all 4 Calming Relief products for one low price of $10.


Dry sensitive skin??? Again Moisture Therapy has you covered with their Daily Skin Defense with vitamins A, C, E, and B5. With the Moisture Therapy sale that is currently available you can buy them as a bundle earning FREE items with the purchase of one, similar to the other Moisture Therapy products. There are 3 different bundles to help meet your exact needs.


Compare these prices to your big box stores or even local stores, you will see just how much you are truly capable of saving.

Don’t forget Avon also has a 90 day money back guarantee….What big box store offers that?

All these Moisture Therapy products available at my E-store While you’re there sign-up to receive brochures, savings offers and other Avon related information via e-mail. Below is a reminder of some savings codes, some of which are still available, however some are expired so be sure to look at when they expire. Contact me with any questions.


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~Windy-Marie Kerkela~


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