Looking for something new….


Endless possibilities, it’s truly what you are willing to put into it. Just like anything in life the more time & effort invested the better the reward.

Avon is so much more than make-up. My love for Avon products is way beyond make-up, due to working from home I don’t have a need to wear it regularly. That doesn’t mean I don’t still buy it for those special occasions though.

I do however use many of the other products offered by Avon. One of my favorite products are the Sterling Silver Rings, which I am sure my collection will grow. That however is my personal addiction.

I also use various Bath & Body products from the lotions, shower gels (for both my husband and I), hand sanitizer, and bubble bath. Also I use the skincare products on my face daily. As well as the hair care products, shampoo and conditioners for my family. I love the Naturals line of body sprays and lotions as well. Not to mention the nail polishes, kitchen and household items I buy as well.

All of these items you’re already buying from someone, somewhere. Why not it be a company you’re proud to be a part of. Not to mention you can get them for cheaper than you would probably be paying someone else.

If you use the products what a better way to sell them to your family, friends, and even strangers.

Contact me for ANY questions or if you want help getting started. 715-518-8587 http://www.wkerkela.avonrepresentative.com




~Windy-Marie Kerkela~


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