Skin So Soft… One of Avon’s #1 selling products.


Being one of the #1 sellers of AVON I am pleased to announce the up to 50% savings opportunity currently available. Of course this savings applies to the various different products made by Skin So Soft (SSS) from their lotions, to the shower gels and everything in between. All of these savings can be viewed at my website Don’t forget the many savings codes that can be taken advantage of as well during the month of January. If you missed them you can always contact me or view them in a blog previous posted.


I remember having Skin So Soft in my home even as a child. Of course, at that time I never knew the many things Skin So Soft could be used for. The main use I remember it being used for in my house as a child was mosquito repellent, but truly there are many more. Above is a list of the various things that can be done with just one simple product. No fancy expensive chemical filled items that you have to buy for individual uses but one simple product that you could have on stock on a consistent basis. Especially if you stock up on it during savings opportunities like they have available now.

Do you or a family member use it for something other than one that is already listed? If so I would LOVE for you to share that information with me and the other followers. Please leave your idea in the comments section of the blog.

Of course our furry family members LOVE Skin SO Soft as well, so when considering your order keep them in mind as well.10502377_892346870822300_8297791657355988384_n


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