January Mystery Gift….


As many of us know Moisture Therapy is essential during these colder months, more so than other times of the year. I personally live in northern Wisconsin in the midst of moving to the Upper Pennisula of Michigan (A.K.A. the U.P.). So our colder months tend to last longer than other areas. Our skin is one of the most important organs of the human body, making it important to take care of it and pamper ourselves at the same time. My son always asks me “why are your hands so soft & smooth”? My answer is always the same and a real simple routine and it’s because of lotion. I use lotion on my hands and feet daily, most often multiple times daily.

So anytime I see an Avon deal involving skincare, especially lotions I can’t help but get excited. When you already have an order for Avon, it seems like a no brainer to me to take advantage of the deals that offer FREE products with an order over a certain amount.

The plus about this FREE 3 piece Moisture Therapy Set offer with any purchase $40 or more is that it is a valid offer almost the entire month of January. It is good on any direct delivery orders through 11:59 pm EST 1/29/2016 @ http://www.wkerkela.avonrepresentative.com Code for this deal is MOISTURIZE

Reminder, still working on putting together my Birthday Club, so if interested or need more details about. Feel free to contact me.

Already got a start on February’s Newsletter…..still taking ideas, tips, and other input from the readers for help to make it better & better as time goes on. If your not part of the mailing list, let me know so we can add you to it.

Lastly, Campaign 2 ends today. Contact me for any last minute orders.


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