January 2016~ Newsletter~


January’s Newsletter brought to you by your Wacky
Avon Lady Windy
Welcome!!!To our 1st Newsletter of the New Year 2016…..

To start of the Newsletter, I would like to begin by explaining the Birthday Club. Once you are signed up for the Birthday club, you will receive 10% off your orders made during the month of your Birthday. Also you will receive  a personalized Birthday card from me and a small gift as my appreciation. Signing up is real easy and can be done by anyone interested, not limited to current customers and there is no purchase necessary. Except the 10% off your orders during that month. In order to get the 10% off your order it must be done directly through me, I can however still have it shipped directly to your home. Also don’t forget to share this offer with your friends and family, you are not the only one who likes to have your Birthday acknowledged.  To contact me regarding signing up for
this Birthday club offer can be done various ways. I can be contacted via Facebook Messenger from both my personal page or Avon page ​ http://www.facebook.com/avonwkerkela, my cell phone # ​ 715-518-8587​ , e-mail address ​ dragonflylady1978@gmail.com​  , or my Avon website ​ http://www.wkerkela.avonrepresentative.com


Campaign 3​  is starting this next Saturday 1/9/2016, there are various featured items within this campaign focusing on Valentine’s Day from a new fragrance  called Ultra Sexy Heart, a nicely blended combination of Maraschino Cherries, Rose Petals, and Chocolate Marshmallows. What a perfect combination just in time for Valentine’s Day either as a gift or to lure in your special man.

To make sure all your Valentine’s Day sweets are on point. Check out the Heart Silicone Pan to make all your Heart Cupcakes or Muffins. Do you need to make some Valentine’s Day candy? Make sure you look into the combo Candy and Cake Mold & Melting Pot. These can be used year round for everything from Valentine’s Day, to Birthday’s  and other work/school functions including bake sales.

Of course, what would Valentine’s Day be without Jewerly. Avon carries a variety of jewelry ranging from costume type jewelry with a silver or gold tone plating to genuine Sterling Silver jewelry. Avon jewelry buying is probably one of my biggest weakness when it comes to purchasing Avon for personal use. I can justify the bath and body items I buy for the household, the gifts I buy for others, makeup and skincare items and even
kitchen gadgets as I am an avid cook and baker. The jewelry  is just that “something special”  I buy for myself. I prefer rings, but there are so many options available such as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches. All of which make great gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

This a just a few of the highlighted items available in Campaign 3. The complete brochure can be found @ http://www.wkerkela.avonrepresentative.com​  . Also brochures are available to
be e-mailed or mailed via the postal service. Feel free to contact me regarding setting up how to receive them by either of those options.

UPCOMING CHANGES– For those of us who enjoy the Avon product line Avon Naturals, which include the variety of scented shower gels, lotions and body sprays. The product will remain the same great formula that we tend to love so much but the branding will change as will the look. The new branding will start to transform shortly and instead of seeing the products as Avon Naturals, we will soon see them as Avon Senses.

FUN FACT…… 1/22/2016 is National Polka Dot Day. Anyone willing to share pictures of their polka dots can find themselves in next month’s newsletter.



2 thoughts on “January 2016~ Newsletter~

  1. anotheronecalledbecky says:

    Thank You so much for the follow! It has been ages since I’ve ordered from AVON so I shall keep a look out for you best picks and deals! Great blog & posts! (:


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