ANEW Skincare for A NEW Year….


With “A New” Year approaching I found it to be a perfect time to spend some time writing  about Avon’s “ANEW” skincare products. I know I myself have discovered my nightly ritual has become a little longer in the evening than it was lets say even 5 years ago. With so many options and products available it makes it hard to determine what is best for you and your skin.

Avon has a line of skin care products called ANEW that are tailored to your skin concerns. Below I have broke down the various options available as well as descriptions.

Skinvincible- Use for damage from environmental aggressors.

Vitale( Age 30+)- Use for dull and uneven skin tone- renews vitality after just one use. Tired looking eyes with shadowing.

Reversalist(Age 40+)- Use for fine line and wrinkles. Uneven colorations and dark circles around eyes.

Ultimate(Age 50+)- Use for loss of firmness and deep wrinkles. Age spots, under eye bags and crow’s feet.

Platinum(Age 60+)- Use for sagging of the skin and loss of definition. Loss of volume or extreme dryness.

Clinical- Provides high performance treatments for advanced results. Offering various problems.

Power Serums- Delivers advanced anti-aging repair, used with your moisturizer of choice.

Men-  Our innovative skincare for HIM. Simple products to help protect the health and moisture of men’s skin.

If you are interested in learning more about Avon’s ANEW skincare products there is information available at my E-store~~ At the top of the page there is a BRANDS tab farthest to the right side. If you hover over the tab you will see a drop down showing all of Avon’s brands. Click on ANEW and you will see all the available ANEW products and details regarding them individually.





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