Nail Polish & Color Therapy

RED-  Gets you revved up, wear it to feel powerful, or when you are feeling down and you need to be more assertive.

ORANGE- Gets you revved up in a light-hearted way. Great for attracting what you want with material possessions.

YELLOW-  Picks you up and makes you happy. Wear it and feel like anything is possible, and to help you get through the day smiling.

GREEN- Gives you sense of abundance and prosperity. Money is green. Wear it to get more business-minded and to work with financial manners.

BLUE- Is the color of truth and good communication. Wear it when you are having trouble expressing yourself, or when giving an oral presentation.

INDIGO-  Will bring out your natural wisdom and intuition. Great for times when you need to make a tough decision.

VIOLET- Gets you into a more creative mood and gives your imagination a boost. It will also help you feel more in tune with your life and other people.

PINK- Will help you feel more calm and put you in a loving mood. wear it to help you connect with people, nurture friendships and self-esteem.

BLACK- Is a great color for when you need to be more powerful, but in a secretive more protective way. Wear it when you feel the need to protect your boundaries.

SILVER- A shimmering light gray will help you feel more positive and will give your mood a boost whenever you look down on it.

GOLD- Gives you a sense of decadence and material abundance. Wear it to put yourself in a “rich” state of mind. Similar colors like BRONZE and COPPER do the same.

BROWN- Is comforting but in a solid and stable way. It’s a warm and cozy color


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