Becoming a Avon rep, and getting your $15 start up fee refunded……

Interested in earning additional money, getting discounted products and working with a great supportive group of reps? Becoming an AVON has never been easier…Details below. Contact if you are interested or if you have questions @ or via Facebook.

We’ll give them back their $15 Appointment Fee when they join the sisterhood of empowered women, start their own Avon business, and place a first order of $100 or more between September 2 and September 15. To qualify, they just need to place their 1st order of $100+ on or before 11:59 PM (Local Time) on October 19.*

This offer counts for those you appoint in person, self-appointments, or those you’ve signed up before September 2 but have not yet placed their first order.

This offer is valid only for individuals who have not had an account with Avon in more than 26 weeks. Reinstatements Representatives do not count as a new Representative. The reimbursement of the $15 Appointment Fee will appear as a credit on the new Representative’s Avon Account within 2 weeks after her 1st order has been paid on-time and ships.

* New Representatives who reside in Hawaii, Guam or Saipan must place their order on or before 11:59 PM Pacific Time on October 19.


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