Healthier, Cleaner, and Smarter….

So who would have thought I would finally listen to what my ex-husband has been saying for the last couple years?!?!

Anyone who knows him understands, most of what he says is not worth listening to. But this time I think he was on to something and now I am wondering why I never listened to him sooner. Not that I would ever admit that to him though.

He joined this online shopping team that sells AWESOME products, I know they are awesome because of the samples that I have gotten from him over the years. I LOVE the lotion and have asked him to order it for me. He told me it doesn’t work like that, that if I would watch his presentation I would learn more and want to become part of this team. I still ignored his suggestion and had my son ask him for a bottle of the lotion to bring home for him to use. Okay, so of course I was the one who really wanted it. Now I am almost out of the lotion again. ūüė¶

So finally this week, I broke down and watched the presentation that he has wanted me to watch for years already. As you can guess, he gets commission for referring me and any one else he refers. Hence, his reasoning for asking me to do so for so many years. I hate to admit it but after watching the presentation, I am convinced.

ALL of their products are eco-friendly, from their cleaning supplies to their make-up. They have well over 400 products to choose from, all the same products you already buy for your home. But by being a repeat monthly customer you get a savings of 30-40%, and as I mentioned earlier if you are able to refer others you will earn some additional money. Just because you like their products though that does not mean you have to refer others, you can just simply get the benefits from shopping monthly and having them deliver the supplies right to your front door.

The products are 100% Money-Back Guaranteed. No more worries about what the products you and your family use for cleaning, on your skin & hair, the vitamins & supplements you are taking. What store can offer you the same guarantees?

My first official order will be delivered any day, and I am already planning my order for the month of May. Did I mention that by simply watching some videos I received $100.00 of free products to use over the next 5 months.

I realize this is just a quick summary of the new and improved lifestyle I am introducing me and my family to. I would be more than honored to share more details and the presentation in order to help transition you and your family. Just send me an email- to learn more.


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