Fear of the Unknown~

Why does it seem the Unknown is scarier than the known even if the known is bad? How does one stress over something they don’t know or understand?

Life is full of the “Unknown’s”…some of which are bad and some of which are good. Around every bend and over every hill of life brings new. Often times with the new, one losses the old. Everyone has a different outlook or perspective on what they have been dealt during their journey of life. Everyone has a different way of handling lives events, and not everyone agrees with the next person’s coping method. What may seem small or petty to one, may be horrific and life-changing for another. Who is the judge of the severity of these events? Some people may be incredibly strong on the exterior yet on the inside be broken beyond repair. Others may wear their feelings on their sleeve and appear emotional, expressing their feelings instead of allowing them to be weighed down by their heaviness.

There is no right way or wrong way of dealing with things in life, but there are positive and negative ways. I personally deal with things in both ways, yet regardless of the way, a lesson is always learned. So if you are learning, is the good, good or the bad, bad?

Life is about what you gain from experiences both good & bad. Without the negative how can one measure the positive? Learning to let go of the negative from the past, allows one to grow and learn from these experiences. Does this mean that you forget the situations? Of course not, forgetting or living in denial is a completely different form of survival. Letting go, allows self freedom from the past. Forgiving isn’t easy, one has to learn their love for themselves and know they are worthy of the happiness that comes from forgiveness. Forgiveness is something you give to yourself for yourself. If forgiveness not found within one’s self, you become a victim of the past. A victim carries negativity around, allowing it to affect not only them but those around them as well.

Forgiveness allows you to enjoy and find happiness in the simple things of life. I am not saying that forgiveness erases all bad from  one’s life, but it allows a fresh outlook and a clear mind to tackle lives events. One is still going to be knocked down by life, but how long you stay down is what is going to matter the most.


One thought on “Fear of the Unknown~

  1. kim says:

    Perfectly said! I have felt and probably even written thoughts along this same line. Why do we fear the unknown so much when it usually brings awesome new opportunity….the things that make you go hmmmm. 😉


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